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A Culture of Success

Troy fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and entrepreneurship. Departments at Troy operate cross-functionally at all levels, creating a team environment with open communication and support. Employees maintain a culture of mutual respect and camaraderie. Click here to view the Employee Testimonials video to learn what it's like to be a part of the team at Troy.

Troy employees are the company's most unique and valuable resource; they are the true differentiator that helps Troy stand apart from the competition and lead in the marketplaces we serve. Troy is made up of driven, highly capable individuals who are leaders, contributors, and problem solvers. Troy values hard working, goal-oriented professionals who think creatively.

Talented professionals of all levels, experience, and background who meet these criteria are encouraged to apply for a position with Troy. Every resume is read and given due consideration. The hiring process is highly selective and designed to ensure that only qualified individuals are offered a position with the company.

Are your skills, values, and experience a match for Troy? Find out now - Begin Your Journey with Troy today.

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