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Toll Manufacturing

Troy offers toll manufacturing for specialty chemicals at its modern facility in Moerdijk, Netherlands. Whether your goals are to expand your business, gain extra capacity at peak times of the year, or produce innovative new materials that require special equipment, Troy is an experienced production service provider who will partner with you to help you achieve your objectives.



Troy Moerdijk can scale up from laboratory volumes to production volumes in its reactors. Troy has experience with numerous chemical reactions including condensation, esterification, cyanoethylation, ethoxylation, amidation and phosphate esterification, and urethane chemistry. The reactors are multi-purpose and substantial investments are being made in extending the reaction chemistry facilities.



Legislation and regulations change continually and are becoming increasingly complex for companies operating in the chemical industry. Troy has extensive experience in European and global regulations and can assist customers by:

•    Reformulating existing products
•    Developing new formulas
•    Making production facilities available within Europe
•    Accommodating processes at a single location
•    Providing regulatory expertise


Troy can accommodate complex challenges with extensive knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art facilities. Troy offers customers:
•    Laboratory and pilot facilities for reaction chemistry
•    Knowledge and experience of formulation chemistry
•    Analytical support
•    Knowledge of complex legislation and regulations, which is indispensable when launching chemical products onto the market
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