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IPBC, Polyphase, fungicides, mildewcides, mold, bacteria

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Troy Corporation seeks to earn the confidence and trust of customers, employees, and neighboring communities in environmental endeavors worldwide. Troy's policy is to manufacture, handle, and dispose of materials in an environmentally responsible manner. The company:

  • Conducts its operations in a manner designed to safeguard the environment

  • Uses manufacturing processes that minimize waste generation and utilizes technologies that foster recovery and recycling

  • Conducts operations within applicable environmental regulations as well as Troy's internal environmental procedures and policies

  • Sets environmental improvement targets and objectives as an integral part of an Environmental Management System

  • Provides training and education in environmental regulations and procedures to foster an attitude of environmental awareness among employees

    R&D Strategy

    Troy has launched a Preferred Chemical Assessment, Ingredient Selection, & Formulation Strategy initiative that is used to evaluate and rate the company's products. The following principles guide the activities associated with this initiative:

    1. Preferred Chemical Assessment

    Troy will focus on attributes of greatest concern to direct customers as well as customers using Troy products after they have been incorporated into end-use products.

    2. Ingredient Selection

    Troy will evaluate products and individual ingredients on the basis of select health and environmental criteria.

    3. Formulation Strategy

    Troy will consider the sustainability of products and raw materials as part of the product development process and when reformulating existing products.

    ISO Certification

    Troy is certified under ISO 14001:2015 and by applying the aforementioned principles, achieves its mission of producing performance products using environmentally sound and efficient methods. Troy recognizes its environmental obligations and will adhere to these established standards to the benefit of customers, employees and neighboring communities worldwide.


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