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  TMMA Field Testing Microbiology Analytical Regulatory Support Tolling Co-Branding  

Troy Microbial Management Advantage


Created to enable customers to achieve contamination-free products and processes, and to reduce preservation cost, the Troy Microbial Management Advantage (TMMA) is an advanced, unique value-added service offered to customers worldwide. With the growing global regulatory trend toward 'green' and aqueous systems which more easily promote contamination, TMMA is an increasingly important service offering. TMMA consists of plant hygiene audits, microbiological identification, efficacy testing, and preservative optimization analysis, orchestrated by Certified TMMA practitioners, who have completed extensive training, enabling them to identify root causes of contamination. Certified TMMA Practitioners then custom-develop preservative recommendations as well as optimized use levels to enable customers to keep systems clean and achieve excellent product performance while also meeting regulatory, sustainability, and cost-in-use goals.


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