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Troy Forms Micropel® Antimicrobial Cobranding Partnership with TnC Living

Thursday, May 27, 2021 - Florham Park, NJ – Troy Corporation announced today that the company has initiated a cobranding partnership with Town & Country Living, the recognized leader in home textiles specializing in table linens, kitchen textiles, rugs, window treatments, pillows, throws, and innovative solution-based products. As part of this partnership, Troy has awarded Town & Country Living the right to brand its kitchen mats with the Micropel® Antimicrobial Protection logo.

Arriving soon at major home retailers and discount outlets, Town & Country Living’s new, premium kitchen mats incorporate Troy’s Micropel® technology for protection against microbial growth. Packaging for the kitchen mats will feature the Micropel® Antimicrobial Protection brand, signifying that the mats have passed a rigorous testing protocol designed by Troy to ensure optimum protection.

“We are excited to have Town& Country Living onboard as a Micropel® Cobranding partner,” says Troy’s Frank Cangelosi, Vice President, Marketing. “When two market leaders known for quality products come together, it’s a win-win for consumers.”

“Antimicrobial protection is more than just buzz words,” says Cynthia Nixon, SVP of Merchandising, Sales, Design and Licensing at Town & Country Living. “Since the onset of the global pandemic, consumer interest in protected products has skyrocketed, and is unlikely to abate in the coming years. Antimicrobial protection is here to stay,” continues Nixon, “and products like our new kitchen mats that benefit from Micropel® Antimicrobial Protection are going to stand out on the shelf and provide consumers with that added peace of mind that is so important to all of us these days.”

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries who wish to employ the Micropel® brand must meet numerous criteria and pass testing protocols, as well as agree to a comprehensive quality control program. These requirements are in place for the benefit of consumers, to ensure that finished products are well-protected against potential microbial threats for the useful life of the item. Troy is recognized as a leader in antimicrobial protection, with technologies used in a wide spectrum of applications across various industries. Manufacturers interested in Troy’s unique cobranding program can visit www.troycorp.com.

Consumers are supported by a website developed to offer information about the Micropel® Antimicrobial Protection brand and the importance of protecting surfaces from microbial growth: www.micropelprotected.com.

About Town & Country Living
Founded in 1954 and headquartered in New York City, Town & Country Living is a leading supplier and eCommerce retailer of kitchen and bath textiles, table linens, accessories, performance and decorative rugs and mats, curtains and rods and other solution-based textiles. Since January 2018, Town and Country Living has been a portfolio company of H.I.G. Capital.

About H.I.G. Capital
H.I.G. is a leading global private equity and alternative assets investment firm with over $40 billion of equity capital under management. Based in Miami, and with European offices in London, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and U.S. and Latin American offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, H.I.G. specializes in providing both debt and equity capital to small and mid-sized companies, utilizing a flexible and operationally focused/ value-added approach. Since its founding in 1993, H.I.G. has invested in and managed more than 300 companies worldwide. The firm's current portfolio includes more than 100 companies with combined sales in excess of $40 billion. For more information, please refer to the H.I.G. website at www.higcapital.com.

About Troy
Troy Corporation develops and manufactures specialty materials that enhance the properties and performance of its customers’ products and processes, and is committed to helping manufacturers meet global requirements for compliance and sustainability. Troy is the worldwide leader of material protection and is known in the marketplace for innovation, product quality, and value-added service. Troy materials are used and available in over 100 countries worldwide. Troy is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, with sales offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. For more information, you can visit www.troycorp.com to connect to a regional Troy expert.

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