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IPBC, Polyphase, fungicides, mildewcides, mold, bacteria

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Welcome to Careers at www.troycorp.com. Troy Corporation is a dynamic company that produces high-quality specialty chemicals. We value dedication, work ethic, creativity, and overall excellence. Growth opportunities are available for the motivated person who can think strategically, act individually or in team environments, and focus on details.

Browse through Careers at www.troycorp.com using the navigation buttons on the left, where you will find more information relating to current employment opportunities, as well as the benefits of working for our organization. When you apply for a job at Troy, your data will be protected. Please click here to read more detail.

Why a Career with Troy?

Troy succeeds by attracting exceptional people within their fields of expertise. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds, and operates in an environment that promotes teamwork and knowledge-sharing. This approach provides us with flexibility and responsiveness, resulting in a competitive advantage. With increased size and complexity, Troy has developed a unique management style that best integrates our diverse skills.

Management has high expectations of all its employees, including those new to Troy. A core emphasis is placed on personal responsibility and accountability, while an atmosphere is created that encourages initiative, dedication, and personal growth.


Marketing / U.S.A.
I have the opportunity to work with creative people who inspire me to grow.
IT / U.S.A.
Every day we learn from each other through our different perspectives.
R&D / U.S.A.
Troy has shown me that hard work and dedication are rewarded.

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