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NUOSEPT VP Formaldehyde-free in-can preservative
Nuosept VP in-can preservative is a preparation containing biphenyl-2-ol (OPP) and sodium 3-methyl-4-chloro-phenolate (PCMCNa) in ethylene glycol, which is suitable for in-can protection of adhesives and adhesives (vegetal, cellulose, starch, gelatine glues, emulsions, technical gelatines, casein and gluconate solutions, bone glues, etc.), textiles and carpet underlays, leathers and hides. Nuosept VP in-can preservative is more particularly efficient in water-based products which are prone to bacteria and fungi contamination during storage. Nuosept VP in-can preservative offers the advantage to be stable in highly alkaline systems and under high temperature conditions (up to 90 °C).


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