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Advanced Technology for Pressure Treated Wood has a New Name in the US

Monday, February 25, 2019 - Florham Park, NJ - Troy announced today the introduction of ProTek™ - the new name in the USA for protection of pressure treated wood. The expanding ProTek™ line of preservatives is built on a foundation of advanced protection technology that is offering performance and value to more pressure treaters than ever before.

"ProTek™ preservatives give treaters numerous options to protect their pressure treated wood from microbial growth," says Geoff Webb, Director, Wood Protection, at Troy Corporation. "Incorporating some of the most advanced technology in the market, Troy's ProTek™ satisfies the industry's needs for long-lasting, highly effective preservation in an economical package," continues Webb. The ProTek™ portfolio has a broad offering of preservative systems, including various moldicides, borates, dissolved copper, quats, and azoles.

Effective immediately, in addition to new ProTek™ products, any formerly Mergal™ branded products used in pressure treated wood will now be branded ProTek™ in the USA.

"The ProTek™ name reflects the core of Troy's preservation philosophy: to offer the best Protection Technology possible to treaters," states Webb. "The new line of ProTek™ preservatives does exactly that."

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Troy Corporation develops and manufactures specialty materials that enhance the properties and performance of its customers' products and processes, and is committed to helping manufacturers meet global requirements for compliance and sustainability. Troy is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey with sales offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Troy materials are used and available in over 100 countries worldwide.

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